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June 2022

Find your edge and learn to love the process. Good luck and Godspeed!

May 2022

How I use folders, shortcuts, and more to organize, prepare, and to keep me sane.
The 10 largest exchanges with open / close data.
A profitable week while building the business.
Wyckoff Accumulation & DistributionWatch now (27 min) | A walkthrough of how to set this up and trade it!
Building a Trading Range for the WeekWatch now (3 min) | Using Darvas Boxes + Wyckof Distribution / Accumulation + Harmonics
How I Setup My Daily TradesWatch now (4 min) | TL;DR: Fib + Harmonics for entries and exits.
A Quick, Basic Trade SetupWatch now (2 min) | Using Harmonics + Fibonacci to find confluence!
A quick, free primer on how all this "trading" stuff works.
Trading a White SwanWatch now (43 sec) | Trading this Type II up and down on a Saturday afternoon.
She's ranging but it's not because she doesn't like you.