She's ranging but it's not because she doesn't like you.
Yup! Everything you need to get the satoshi snipes done.
Jeremey Grantham on Super BubbleVideo Exclusive (11 min) — TL;DR: We are just beginning the cycle down.
When the market bleeds out it's time to get a mop and bucket.
The lost week(end). Oh: 1BTC ≠ 1BTC. Fin.
It's been one helluva week folks.
💰 — Make money when she goes UP and DOWN. Few.
The never ending quest for the perfect setup.
Maximize the profits as she goes up and down, up and down.
Just another Monday morning raid to the lows; steak dinner (add shrimp).
We go public tomorrow folks! Let's go!!
But we can profit all the same! $500+ winning trade. Let's go.