The Fourth Super Bubble

Video Exclusive (11 min) — TL;DR: Max pain is coming.

Hello satoshi snipers!

I’ve been inspired by many folks as I’ve begun to grow my career as a trader and there is one man who continues to grab my attention, not only because he “calls it like he sees it” — which I can definitely appreciate — but also because he’s proven himself to be a wizard when it comes to market prognostication.

I was able to grab this video of Jeremey Grantham, a billionaire investor who predicted the Japanese “bubble” in 1989, the United States “Y2K” crash, and the first housing bubble (and burst) in 2008.

This man also called the market bottom of the S&P at 666 in 2009 and now he’s telling us that we have — at least — another leg down that will double the current losses in equities and maybe, if we’re “unlucky,” even 3 or 4X this amount of loss and pain that might last us for a decade or more.

Effectively this next leg might take the next 6-24 months but it’s coming. A few high-level notes via the video for you:

By end of 2023 (roughly) he sees $3-$7k BTC. Thereafter potentially $500k around 2037. Possible that BTC becomes standard, even as a currency peg.

40/50% correction in housing should come which will eventually make housing affordable to millennials. $900-1000 gold, S&P down to 670. He personally has positions in treasuries as it’s the only thing that grew in 2008 but he’s also cash rich to manage risks of inflation as well as prepare for unique buying opportunities during the last segment of the break down, near the end of 2023 and into 2024.

Overall he thinks that BTC isn’t a “safe asset” class at any point right now because all things will collapse. But, buying opportunities are coming.

I love bitcoin and trading digital assets but if you really want to understand how money moves you should also learn to understand the global equities market because it impacts directly the valuations and notional values of the assets we trade.

He is also providing clear warning signs for what is to come and how we might prepare.

I hope you’re ready for the storm! Thankfully, we can trade in bull and bear markets and the skills that we can build will last us a lifetime.

To infinity & bitcoin,

— 8ɃIT