Trading a White Swan

Trading this Type II up and down on a Saturday afternoon.

Hello satoshi snipers!

I had a wild time this past weekend trading this absolutely stunning — and flawlessly-printed — Type II White Swan and I wanted to break this down for you as you can get an idea of how I played this multiple times for some pretty decent wins.

Although this is a very short video there’s a lot going on here and as you can see there were multiple opportunities for both longs and shorts.

To start, I first saw the White Swan possibility and as it printed, knowing this type of harmonic (link to full video series of harmonics in the Trading Library) pattern really well I definitely wanted to trade her:

Once it hit that local top I know that I could then begin to play points of entry in and around the “Point D” on the pattern. I shared this with folks on Twitter:

By the way, I’m sharing my “live trading” in semi-real-time via Twitter so if you want those so-called “trade signals” then you can get a few of the high-frequency thoughts there.

You should, of course, do your own research and not take any of it as financial advice since my models are changing constantly and I can’t guarantee (nor should anyone for that matter) consistent updates to any historical chart the moment it’s published.

Just covering my ass here, folks!

Set notifications “on” after the follow, degen!

I also then provided some context as to what I was thinking in our Community Discord:

One more additional point of confluence: Psychology on this print.

When we hit the $29,250 area we can see a ton of action there. And it's a clear "battle" zone, as is any $xx,250 / $xx,500 / $xx,750. But, look back at the last 48 hours —that's all we did was take bids / asks out of the market in that zone.

We just pivoted it.

So, if everything's already spoken for, we'll rock through that floor, a motherfucking doomcandle. Or we'll just bounce hard because some MM needs liquidity. Or we'll have more time fighting in that PRZ. That's just what people do.

I mean, aren't we literally rotating around $29,500-ish right now? Not rocket science people. And if it never drops? You're not in the trade and you didn't lose anything.

That's why I wait. Conservative entries gents.

Expanding even more on the conservative bit is the fact that although I might lose on more alpha (gains) by attacking at higher (or lower) points in a run the tradeoff is that I have higher confidence on my points of entry and exit.

You want to play “defense” with your stack, not offense which will punish you. You do not want to “attack” the market; you want to study it and counter-punch the fuck out of it when you know you can strike hard, fast, and with lethal precision. Sniper, not shotgun.

Or, at least that’s the way I play as a bitcoin day trader.

So, I set up limit orders with stop losses and profit taking in a handful of scenarios and then I just watched her print, not once but twice around the Fibonacci levels that you can easily take from the bottom of a local bottom to the top of the next run to the bottom of the next local, as you can see in the top video.

How did I know those were the possible “fib levels” and points of price reversal? The White Swan harmonic showed me the possibility! So, I could trace there “in the future” and setup my trades accordingly.

You can “set” and “forget”!

This helps calm the nerves and sets you up psychologically for the right winning mindset which is what you need to trade successfully.

Then, as I said to my fellow snipers, I wait for it to print. And that’s what she did. And, if you were super-aggressive you had a ton of opportunities based on the simple combination of a harmonic + fibonacci retracement!

Here’s how you would have done this (and then look at how the price respects those levels by either getting rejected or using it as support:

This isn’t magic nor is it rocket science but it does take time to plan these trades through the skills that you can easily acquire but it will take courage and boldness to play them right. Experience through time “in the market” can do that for you.

So, I plotted entries:

And I started to print myself money.

I even had time, while I was waiting, to get a poll in for where it might head next. This was a pretty fun day, to be honest.

I traded her up and down on Saturday and came away with some nice pocket change; here are two of the larger satoshi snipes that I was able to execute:

Steak with shrimp tonight degens!

Here’s a larger print of the action in-full:

I hope this helps you get a sense of what it might take to pull off a very successful day of trading based on a simple-yet-powerful harmonic and knowing how to use some tools, like the Fibonacci Retracement Tool via TradingView, to plan out your trades. Now, get on an exchange, like Bitget, and you’re set to start sniping sats!

Good luck friends and good hunting.

To infinity & bitcoin,

— 8ɃIT